• Practicing Since 2007
  • Extensive Post-Graduate Training
  • Neurology, Clinical Nutrition, Functional Health
Dr. Matthew T. Wolfertz, DC

Dr. Matthew T. Wolfertz, DC

Director of Admissions

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Dr. Matthew T. Wolfertz is the Director of Admissions for Georgia Integrated Health Center.  He has been in practice for over 12 years with extensive post-graduate training in the areas of Neurology, Clinical nutrition and Functional Health.  He and his team provides noninvasive treatment solutions for patients suffering from thyroid dysfunction, type II diabetes, autoimmune disorders and Cognitive Decline.

Dr. Wolfertz provides both the education and tools you need to reach the root of your symptoms and then helps to customize a care plan tailored to your individual needs to improve your condition and hit your health goals. He will equip you with the resources necessary to get the results you want. Together with his dedicated team, Dr. Wolfertz will help you stop treating the smoke and start putting out the fire.

He has worked with and coached hundreds of patients to health and helps see degenerative disorders such as autoimmune conditions, type 2 Diabetes, Thyroid disorders and many more that can be intertwined with one another. 

This rare, yet comprehensive approach is very different from traditional medicine since it uncovers the root cause rather than just the treatment of symptoms. Dr. Wolfertz works side by side with Dr. Anderson who is  D.A.B.C.I  trained which requires 300 + hours and over 2 years of post-graduate study.  This stands for a Diplomate for the American Board of Chiropractic Internists.  He utilizes this specialty to offer natural solutions to combat today’s common health conditions.

With a passion for leading the next generation, Dr. Matthew Wolfertz trains, coaches, and mentors other doctors and students equipping them to provide the best healthcare possible.

Dr. Wolfertz has been a guest speaker at countless conferences over his years of practice.


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Dr. Michael Anderson, DC

Dr. Michael Anderson, DC

Clinic Director

Dr. Matthew T. Wolfertz, DC

Dr. Matthew T. Wolfertz, DC

Director of Admissions


Georgia Integrated Health Center

At Georgia Integrated Health Center, we believe that every symptom is a signal from the body that points toward an underlying, and often hidden, health issue. Our medical professionals have years of training and experience, and we know how to read these signals. Our care focuses on preventing and treating health problems to help you regain proper functioning.


Discover One of The First Steps Many Patients Have Taken To Beat The Odds

To manage their condition, chronically ill patients typically follow an expensive, time-consuming regimen of drugs and hormone replacement therapy. However, these treatments may not be the best course for chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and hypothyroidism. Patients can spend the rest of their lives fighting both the disease and the side effects of medication. Many get worse over time, not better, and find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle.

We take a different approach to patients suffering from chronic illness. Our clinical model is most commonly called Functional Medicine or Functional Endocrinology. We refer to it simply as a Functional Health Model.

A Functional Health Model uses expansive testing, pathological and functional analysis of lab results to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of your unique condition. In our clinic, it is not enough to label someone with Type 2 Diabetes or hypothyroidism as this is often quite superficial and incomplete.

It is important to understand that patients who share the same “label” of disease (ie. Type 2 Diabetes) often have different causes for that disease despite the perceived similarity. The different causes for the disease of course call for customized care for each individual. This customization of care for each individual is often the difference between getting worse over time and getting better.

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